One of Hollywood’s Hottest Beauty Trends

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Alright ladies, i know we all love getting the lastest gossip through our “People” and “OK!” Magazines. ” Like OMG! Did you hear the latest on Kim Kardashian?! Girlfriend’s having a BABY!” and “I mean seriously Nicki and Mariah, we just always knew you would be the best of friends!” But you might often think to yourself and wonder, why do these celebs ALWAYS have the most gorgeous, sexiest lashes?  I mean, lets face it, they probably walk around with some little magical fairy that fly’s on their shoulder perfecting them with their little magical fairy dust.  What is their secret!? It just has to be photo-shopped right? WRONG! Although these thousands of celebrities, might often be in the spotlight, and always strive for perfection, but we are all women here, and we ALL know what women do best, P-E-R-F-E-C-T! So now you ask what their secret is? The secret is Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions! Many of Hollywood's hottest celebrities have mink eyelash extensions. Well now that I have let the cat out of the bag, your probably wondering what exactly are Siberian Mink eyelash extensions? Our 100% Siberian Mink eyelash extensions are top quality and quite frankly the best on the market today. These Siberian Mink lash extensions are favored by not only celebrities but professionals, house wives and really every day women for their luxurious softness, and light as a feather weight feel. Unlike cheap synthetic lash extensions that weigh your lashes down, causing irritation and picking, Siberian Mink lashes are... more

Ditch The Fake Lashes And Go With Mink Eyelash Extensions

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Ditch the falsies and throw away the mascara ladies. Because now is the time for your eyes to have mink eyelashes. Let’s face it, how many of us enjoy applying mascara every time during makeup routine? And we even need additional time to spend on applying lipsticks and foundations. With mink eyelashes, a huge amount of time can be save on the long run and you still look oh-so beautiful. Mink eyelash extensions are touted as the heaven-sent for your eyes. It’s natural and absolutely safe to wear, sparing you from accidentally hurting and poking your eye with falsies and/or mascara wand (ouch!). These mink extensions come from live minks in special mink farms so yes no minks are harm there. Why fake eyelash are not for you Long ago we’d go crazy over fake eyelashes as it’s generally affordable and easy to apply. But with mink extensions, these fake ones seem to have more downside than you’d think. One of the obvious reasons is these fake eyelashes are well, fake. They make your lashes look unreal and phony and in some cases, put yourself look like a drag queen when you want to look as natural as possible. And imagine the humiliation if these cheap lashes falls out when you’re talking with someone. Applied incorrectly, you can damage your natural lashes. You need to apply fake eyelashes just above the natural lashes but since most of us are not an expert, some parts of the fake eyelashes may get attached to the natural ones,... more

High Quality Eyelash Extensions Vs. Cheap Lashes & Why It Matters

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Lower Quality Vs. Higher Quality Lash Extensions

We’ve all been there. We have all used some cheap, fly-by-night “beauty” solution that we immensely regretted the next day, that either fell apart or looked like a total hot mess!

This is the same thing with eyelash extensions, you pay for what you get. Quality vs. cheap is always an issue when making a decision on beauty products or services for hair, make-up, waxing, and even eyelash extensions.

The difference between fake eyelash extensions and good eyelash extensions is like comparing plastic to a rare diamond.

What You Get When You Buy Cheap Eyelash Extensions

We all know those glue on eyelash extensions that you can buy from Walmart for $5 that make your eyes itch, fall off when you need them the most, that are made out of cheap plastic, right? These lashes stay on no longer than a couple of days, if that. They are often very uncomfortable, weighing down the natural lashes, creating a false unnatural look. The adhesive formula is a cheap glue and usually very irritating to the lid and eye area.

What To Expect When You Get Quality Lash Extensions

The Mink eyelash extensions are the best lashes on the market today, and are favored by thousands of celebrities. These top of the line mink lashes are softer, with a light feather weight feel, and vary in length which gives a natural look, and even lasting up to 2 months before a refill! The application is extremely relaxing for clients and... more

Welcome To Amor Lashes!

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Thanks for visiting! Amor Lashes is based in Austin, Texas and provides eyelash extensions to clients in Austin and surrounding areas. We are currently running specials on our Mink and Silk eyelash extensions for $100 off each set. To book, call us at 512-828-2264 or fill out the contact form on the right side of the page and we will contact you... more

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