Ditch The Fake Lashes And Go With Mink Eyelash Extensions

Ditch the falsies and throw away the mascara ladies. Because now is the time for your eyes to have mink eyelashes.

Let’s face it, how many of us enjoy applying mascara every time during makeup routine? And we even need additional time to spend on applying lipsticks and foundations. With mink eyelashes, a huge amount of time can be save on the long run and you still look oh-so beautiful.

Mink eyelash extensions are touted as the heaven-sent for your eyes. It’s natural and absolutely safe to wear, sparing you from accidentally hurting and poking your eye with falsies and/or mascara wand (ouch!). These mink extensions come from live minks in special mink farms so yes no minks are harm there.

Why fake eyelash are not for you

Long ago we’d go crazy over fake eyelashes as it’s generally affordable and easy to apply. But with mink extensions, these fake ones seem to have more downside than you’d think. One of the obvious reasons is these fake eyelashes are well, fake. They make your lashes look unreal and phony and in some cases, put yourself look like a drag queen when you want to look as natural as possible. And imagine the humiliation if these cheap lashes falls out when you’re talking with someone.

Applied incorrectly, you can damage your natural lashes. You need to apply fake eyelashes just above the natural lashes but since most of us are not an expert, some parts of the fake eyelashes may get attached to the natural ones, spreading the adhesive all over. Ouch!

What’s more, the adhesive used in fake eyelashes contained synthetic chemicals that can irritate your eyes and may lead to eye infections.

So mink extensions are the way to go!

There are many reasons why you should favor mink eyelashes instead the fake ones. Your eye is one of the methods of communication and people can get what you are trying to tell a lot just by looking at your eyes. You know the jazz, batting your eyelashes in a flirty way can certainly make your man swoon.

The good thing about the fabulous mink extensions is there are many varieties of the look you can opt for and there can be permanent and semi-permanent suits to your needs. Be it simple natural or bold and dramatic look, there’s always a mink eyelash extension for your eyes to look brighter than before.

Sure you may be put off by the cost of applying the mink extensions and the process is quite tedious as each strand of mink extensions needs to be attached to your natural eyelashes. But the effect is worth your money and time as you’d get the most natural look that complements well with your natural eyelashes. And yes, they flutter naturally instead of being stiff like the fake ones. So ladies, ditch the fake lashes and go with mink eyelash extensions for a natural and brighter eyes.

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