Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping

Amor Lashes has now phased into a premium seven step waxing and shaping technique.

We use an authentic natural herb wax made from chamomile and lavender extract. The combination of the two herbs is essentially incorporated to relax the hair follicles, while alleviating surface tension to the skin. This professional grade wax is made to calm and sooth, furthermore enhancing the waxing process and in turn making for a faster, quicker approach.

the best eyebrow shaping and waxing in austin, tx

Eyebrow shaping and waxing before and after results.

Step one begins with an initial consultation, discussing the desired look, shape, thickness etc.

Step two consists of the outlining of the brows. This is done with a white colored liner, and is then shown to the client with a full size hand held mirror to give an accurate pin-point visual of the exact areas that soon will be waxed.

Step three, the brow prep, vitamin boosting toner is applied and thoroughly wiped to ensure any and all dirt/bacteria is free from the eyebrow area.

Step four, the trimming of the brows. Although this step might seem like just a fly-by, it is surprisingly one of the most important of all seven steps!

Step five, the waxing of the brows. The eyebrows are waxed according to the look desired, this will always include the middle, upper and lower of the brows, giving a full clean appearance.

Step six, any excess wax will be removed at this time, and again wiped with the vitamin boosting toner. This will help with redness, and add that much needed hydration back into your skin.

Step seven, in this concluding step, any stray hairs will be tweezed and followed by the final application of the hydrating coolant gel.


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