How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?


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Making your eyelash extensions to last is an issue for many, but we have the answer! Though the after-care protocol of lash extensions is quite simple, this subject cannot stressed enough. Many people are uninformed of this information or just plainly don’t know how important knowledge of eyelash extension after-care truly is. Furthermore, we will advise a few “tips and tricks” on how to keep those lashes looking oh so everlasting!


Day One & Two


It is very crucial within the first 28-48 hours post treatment to steer clear of any and all water contact near the eye area, allowing the adhesive to completely dry, creating for an inseparable bond. Avoid all humidified environments such as sauna’s and steam rooms. Strenuous, sweaty work outs are also not at advised with in this time.


The Lash Extension Zone


Refrain from touching the eye area altogether. Picking, pulling or rubbing your lashes can potentially damage not only your lash extensions, but your natural lashes as well. Any excess oils from your hands could also cause the lashes to fall off prematurely.


How To Properly Use & Remove Mascara


When removing your make-up, remember to use ONLY OIL-FREE make up remover. Though constant use of mascara will shorten the life span of your lashes by almost 50% it is available. Do not use oil-based or waterproof mascara’s. Water-based mascaras are required. Before choosing a mascara, note that all in store mascara’s only require 70% FDA approval making for a so called “oil-free” product. This being said, there are many mascara products available on the beauty market specifically formulated for eyelash extensions. Wait 24-48 hours to apply mascara post appointment time, only using it on the tips of your lash extensions, this avoids any clumping at the base of your lashes and makes for an easier removal.


Tender Loving Care


Use special care around the eye area! Apply gentle and light pressure when washing the face, softly patting the area to dry, bypassing the lashes as much as possible. To remove eye make-up, do not use cotton balls, as the fibers from the cotton will get stuck into your lashes, instead use any oil-free eye pads or face wipes. To remove mascara apply oil free make up remover to your mascara wand (provided from your lash technician) shimmy and circulate the wand through your lashes until all mascara is thoroughly removed, washing the wand with soap and water.


Love Unto Your Lashes As They Will Love Unto You


Do not use any type of lash curler that is not specifically manufactured for eyelash extensions. Doing so can and will damage not only your extensions, but your natural lashes as well. This also including, lash perming. The lash extensions fluctuate, and are customizable for this very reason. When assessing your consultation with your lash technician make sure to describe the look you are wishing to achieve. It would be ideal to ask your lash provider how to make them last in addition to reading other guides and articles on the topic.


Restful Nights


To all my side sleeper’s, you will eventually begin to see subsequently less lashes on the side you normally sleep on, due to friction between your lashes and pillow. Try your best to sleep with your head facing upward to subsidize this issue.


Eternal Lashes


Invest in a quality lash sealer. Eyelash sealers are the #1 product when it comes to eyelash extensions. This product works by continually strengthening the adhesive bonding process between your natural lashes and lash extensions. Additionally, making for a polished, glossy sheen with far less refills and money spent. Apply a generous amount of coating every night, this will assemble the extensions with your natural lashes, and establish for a longer lasting set of lash extensions.


Sustaining your Lashes


Receive regular lash refills. As this may seem like a given, often people forget to make their appointment or simply do not know when to schedule there next one. Exceeding your time till your next fill could quit possibly end up being your next full set. As most salons do charge a full price fee after an extended period, depending on the salons availability, you could possibly end up waiting anywhere from 1-2 weeks till your next appointment is booked. Make it a point to ask your lash technician when your next fill will be necessary and always have them schedule for your next appointment.

Hopefully reading this article will give you a better idea about how long do eyelash extensions last! Note: By disregarding after-care protocol could potentially result in the breakdown of lash adhesive following the loss of lash extensions and possibly natural lashes.

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