100% Real Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions: Luxurious Lashes at 50% Off – See Our Jan & Feb 2016 Specials & Pricing Below


Our Mink Eyelash Extensions are the highest quality lashes available on the market. Amor Lashes is one of the only local lash extension companies offering 100% mink lashes, at the current price. Mink extensions are made from carefully selected mink furs with exquisite and superior softness with light feather weight texture, versus other types of eyelash extensions. The Mink extension is the only lash available for long lasting results, overall requiring less maintenance. Refills average 1 to 1 & 1/2 months depending on after-care measures taken. Mink eyelashes are sterilized and hypo-allergenic with no chemicals or added dying involved with the lash. There are no mink animals harmed in any way in this process, the hair is gently brushed from the tails and gathered.

Please Note: Other local salons and eyelash providers are using thicker, heavier, and lower quality synthetic lash extensions because it is easier for them to get quick results at low costs for them. The weight of these cheap lashes weighs down the natural eyelashes, causing them to fall out much quicker, and even resulting in major breakage of your real eyelashes! 80% of our clients come to us directly from other providers that did a poor job. 

Amor Lashes NEVER puts quality in the way of cost. We offer the best mink lashes on the market, and guarantee them 100%.


Mink Lash Extension Pricing & Specials


Full-Set: $175 – (was $295) – February & March 2016 – Limited Time Only

Refills: $80 – (was $95) – February & March 2016 – Limited Time Only Discount Refill Cost stays $80 as long as you are our client & never changes!

You only pay for the full-set of lash extensions once, you will pay the refill price for the rest of your refill/re-lash appointments! Our lash application & technique makes lashes last longer, reducing the amount of times you have to get refills.

Due to the high quality of the Mink extensions, clients only need to come in about once a month. With synthetic lashes from other companies you will pay the same price we charge for mink AND come in every 2 weeks! Why pay $120 per month for lower quality eyelash extensions and have to attend two monthly appointments, when you can pay less and only come once a month for the highest quality Mink lashes on the market? To top it off, we are mobile so we will come to you!

We only provide high quality products, and price them fairly! Call us at 512-828-2264 or fill out the contact form and book your appointment today!

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