What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Read this article before you get eyelash extensions! We might as well have written the guide on eyelash extensions. Get everything you need on extensions, what to do, what not to do, and how to choose the best company and lash technician to fit your needs, look, and budget.

So what precisely are eyelash extensions? Why are these “lash extensions” all the rant and rave of beauty gossip? This new found beauty secret has rapidly gone worldwide within just the past five years. Eyelash extensions are one of the supreme luxuries in today’s beauty industry. They are designed to enhance the eyes from the natural lashes making for an added plush appearance, in addition expanding the length, volume, and curl while maximizing the captivating the radiance of the lashes to give them a unique and beautiful look!

When researching eyelash extensions, there is a wide variety to choose from with an abundance of numerous extension types. Taking that into consideration, there is anything from low-end, cheap false lashes consisting of lash strips or lash clusters, with an irritating epoxy that is applied by an amateur at a spa with an adhesive no better than your arts and crafts “Elmers” glue. Some establishment’s even using superglue on the clients natural lashes! Wierd? With eyelash extensions, plain and simple: You pay for what you get.  It is extremely important when receiving lash extension’s to find a certified and licensed lash technician. Choosing to have an untrained and non-licensed technician can result in overuse of glue or remover, misapplication of lashes, irritation to the eyes, infection, damage to the natural eyelashes, and resulting in permanent damages to the eyes or skin.

Below are a few “behind-the-scenes” lash applications gone wrong from anonymous non-licensed and untrained technicians who should get a new job. Don’t be one of these women, so read on!

bad eyelash extension application

Eyelash extension application by bad lash technicians gone seriously wrong!

That being said, anyone in their right might would run like a cheetah after seeing these bad boys! But no need to worry! Like mentioned earlier, there is a multitude of lash types abroad. Furthermore, these categories will include Synthetic, Faux Mink , Silk, and Siberian Mink eyelash extensions. Classified as individual eyelash extensions, they are applied to the natural lash on a solitary one-on-one lash basis, with the added plus of an FDA approved adhesive primarily used for the application of these extensions.

Again ladies, you get what you pay for! With the $50 eyelash extension deals, or $99 for “mink” lashes, don’t expect true quality. Real companies offering actual quality aren’t going to resort to this level.

Synthetic lashes come in many various forms from low-grade plastic materials and polyester, to mink and the highest quality of pristine silk lashes. These lashes are acquired in not only black but in nearly every attainable color such as brown, blue, red, green, gold, purple, pink, the list goes on and on. These lashes depending on there quality have a high gloss sheen to them, fluctuating in thickness for a daunting, theatrical appearance or an essential everyday eye opening look. Although these lashes do create such a strong, bold look they do require a heavier maintenance because these lashes are thicker with a more dense area, upkeep with refill appointment’s usually range from 2-1/2 weeks.

As for Siberian Mink lash extensions, last but most certainly not least are known to be of the highest, top of the line lash extensions on the beauty market today. These immaculate lashes are idolized for there naturally soft, luxurious texture with a weightless, feather-like feel. Many celebrities, models, movie stars, and business professionals have come to discover these exquisite lashes for their sheer luxury. Siberian mink lashes being of the highest quality require much less upkeep than below average synthetic lash extensions, with refills ranging anywhere from 1-2 months!


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