One of Hollywood’s Hottest Beauty Trends

Alright ladies, i know we all love getting the lastest gossip through our “People” and “OK!” Magazines. ” Like OMG! Did you hear the latest on Kim Kardashian?! Girlfriend’s having a BABY!” and “I mean seriously Nicki and Mariah, we just always knew you would be the best of friends!”

But you might often think to yourself and wonder, why do these celebs ALWAYS have the most gorgeous, sexiest lashes?  I mean, lets face it, they probably walk around with some little magical fairy that fly’s on their shoulder perfecting them with their little magical fairy dust.  What is their secret!? It just has to be photo-shopped right? WRONG!

Although these thousands of celebrities, might often be in the spotlight, and always strive for perfection, but we are all women here, and we ALL know what women do best, P-E-R-F-E-C-T! So now you ask what their secret is? The secret is Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions!

celebrities with eyelash extensions

Many of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities have mink eyelash extensions.

Well now that I have let the cat out of the bag, your probably wondering what exactly are Siberian Mink eyelash extensions?

Our 100% Siberian Mink eyelash extensions are top quality and quite frankly the best on the market today. These Siberian Mink lash extensions are favored by not only celebrities but professionals, house wives and really every day women for their luxurious softness, and light as a feather weight feel. Unlike cheap synthetic lash extensions that weigh your lashes down, causing irritation and picking, Siberian Mink lashes are also known for their long- lasting quality, lasting anywhere from 1 – 2 months! That in itself is more than worth my time!

So now you really want these “Siberian Mink lash extensions” but have absolutely no idea where to get them? Amor Lashes is your answer. Amor Lashes is the ONLY mobile eyelash extension company in the Austin area, they are also the only to offer these top of the line Siberian Mink Lash Extensions!

On a personal note, I have gone to Amor Lashes for almost three months now and still cannot believe the quality and time they put into my lashes every time! I am constantly getting compliments on them, in other words you could say “I’m Hooked!”

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